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About Us

Our mission is simple, enhance your or your loved one's quality of life by achieving maximum independence while ensuring you have the support you need. 

Summit Adult Day Care provides the best possible care for our registrants. We do this by being present and setting our registrants up for success while building confidence.


We are in the business of giving seniors and disabled adults in our community the best possible care by being attentive to their personal needs and continuing to help them grow. In addition, we are here to educate and develop new skills that help them navigate this new chapter in their life.  


We will do this by helping them develop their cognitive and motor skills through multi-sensory exercises, such as arts and crafts, music lessons, cooking classes, and book club, to name a few. 


Our only goal is our full attention and passion for making every day with us their new best day. We monitor and document their success and failures to make the proper adjustments to ensure their fullest possible participation in activities and assess the impact of our program.


We give each registrant our complete attention and focus on helping make this a safe space, and inclusivity will be eminent.   


The success of our program only measures our success as teachers and caregivers. We work as a team to ensure that happens every day.  

Each staff member at Summit believes in the value of what we are doing and the importance of doing it properly, with care, safety, and purpose. 

When these ideas are implemented and exercised, the growth from not only our participants will shine but also that of our staff and will ensure absolute success.

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Why what we do is important

Adult Day Health Care has many benefits for your loved one:


Improved recovery: Continued care after nursing home care will help seniors and disabled adults recover more quickly and effectively. It can provide ongoing medical care and therapy that for most will help rebuild their strength and improve their overall health.


Increased independence: Registrants can regain their independence and resume their daily activities. Adult day health can include assistance with personal care, mobility training, and occupational/physical therapy to help them regain their ability to perform daily tasks on their own.


Social support: Adult day care can also provide seniors with social support and companionship. This will help prevent social isolation and depression, ( eraced words here) common in seniors and disabled adults who do not have peers at home or do not find relationships they value in group home settings


Reduce Hospitalizations: By receiving continued care seniors may be less likely to need hospitalization or other costly and stressful medical interventions. This will result in significant savings in healthcare costs over time, and more importantly improve their quality of life.


Peace of mind: Adult day health can also provide peace of mind for both registrants and their families. Knowing that they have access to ongoing care and support will surely help registrants feel more secure and comfortable in their living arrangements.


Overall, an adult day health setting can provide a range of benefits for our registrants, helping them to recover more quickly, regain their independence, and maintain their overall health and well-being

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